Meet Don Rosa

Carl Barks stories

My second webisode in the series.

When Keno Don Hugo Rosa came was born, the house was already filled with stories. In this episode he tells about the stories from Carl Barks.


Webisode 1: Born into stories

Webisode 1: Born into stories. How it all started. Read More...

Interview with Don Rosa

As promised, a clip from our interview with Don Rosa during Raptus 2010. Read More...

Meeting Don Rosa, and the Don Rosa Library

Just finished my last interview with Don Rosa. It was really great to meet him again at Raptus 2010. His always warm and welcoming.

Don told me that a Don Rosa Library was under production, and he would help as much as he could. Great news.

I´ll put a short cut from the interview here, for you to watch. And some pictures. Read More...

Beyond the tv-documentar

In 2002, I was set out to do a tv-documentary about Don Rosa. Thanks to the Raptus festival, I was allowed to meet him and follow him for several days.

What $%& happened?
After that, I visited him as a one-man-crew on his farm in 2003. In 2004, my career took off, and I had my dream job for four years. There was little time for anything else.

I am very sad that I had to downprioritize my little baby, which was an amazing meeting with a great and humble artist. Don Rosa.
I think I have some unique footage, and I will share it with Don Rosas fans on the web.

Danish documentary in the makings
In 2009 I heard about an danish documentary in the works, and a fire awakened in me. I were contacted by the danish director Sebatian Cordes of the documentary «Time and life of Don Rosa», and he asked if he could see my material. I was very reluctantly at first, but I understood by some time this was the way to go.

I have given Sebastian Cordes, free acess to some of my footage, for use in his film. I recommend that you support this production.

Now what?
I am going to publish «Webisodes», with footage from Norway and the states from 2002-2006. Some are scenes, some edited sequences. All the videos will be published at, and embedded at this site. If you want, you can embedd videos from vimeo in your blogs or whatever you want.

This site will upgrade as its evolve. Please enjoy the stay. If you have any questions, please contact me.

With the best intentions

Ronald E. Hole, director and blogger
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